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Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Wang Dongming: Envisage the Development of Sichuan Tea Industry at a Higher Horizon
来源: 日期:2016/1/25 9:17:00


To accelerate the development of Yibin tea industry, the secretary of provincial party committee& director of provincial people’s congress Wang Dongming along with his entourage visited Xufu Tea Co., Ltd (predecessor of Sichuan Tea Group Co., Ltd) on the afternoon of February 21, 2013, accompanied by the municipal party secretary of Yibin Wang Minghui and deputy party secretary& mayor Xu Jin.
After field inspection and research in the exhibition area, workshops and Tea Industry Engineering Technology Research Center at Xufu Longya Science& Technology Development Park, the delegation led by Wang Dongming listened to a report on the construction of the Park, the company history, current operating status and future development ideas delivered by Yan Zewen, vice-chairman of Sichuan Province Federation of Industry and Commerce &vice-chairman of Yibin Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and president of Sichuan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd. The achievements of Yibin tea industry was highly recognized and praised by Wang Dongming, especially for the enterprises which applied technology and culture to support the development of tea industry, while driving the growth of tourism, promoting harmonious development of regional social economy and continuously increasing the farmers’ income.
Thanks to solid foundation and excellent management system, there is still a big space of development for Xufu Tea Co., Ltd, said Wang Dongming, adding that Xufu Tea Co., Ltd should envisage its business pattern at a higher horizon in accordance with the development requirements of provincial party committee and government for “speed up scientific development with multiple support in multiple areas”. By attracting talents and investment and taking full advantage of its base, technology and brand, Xufu Tea Co., Ltd should endeavor to boost overall development of Sichuan tea industry, and make more farmers in mountainous areas live a well-off life.
Yan Zewen underscored the need of strictly implementing the requirements proposed by secretary Wang Dongming. To this end, Xufu would invite top-level experts on tea development, brand& marketing and modern enterprise management to help revise the strategic planning in next five years. Besides, the enterprise would be spurred to work out its industry business mode in a broader range of scope by adhering to the approach proposed by the provincial party committee and government: “develop big bases, create big brands and develop big market relying on industry leaders”. Xufu Tea Co., Ltd would promote overall upgrading of Yibin tea industry and even the whole tea industry in Sichuan, and enhance the brand image of “Sichuan Tea”, striving for to achieve the goal of building a leading tea enterprise with annual output value of RMB10 billion, and accelerating the pace of making tea farmers live a well-off life.


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