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Brief Introduction to Sichuan Tea Industry Group Alliance
来源: 日期:2016/1/26 10:59:00

Sichuan Tea Industry Group (hereinafter referred to as “Sichuan Tea Group Alliance”) was founded on October 18, 2013, under the initiation of Sichuan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd and other 4 enterprises in accordance with the registration regulations for enterprise groups of State Administration for Industry & Commerce. This Alliance was strongly supported by other 30 Sichuan tea enterprises, such as Emei Xueya, Ya’an Tea Factory, Zaobaijian Tea Industry, Xingshi Tea Industry, Lu Ming Tea Industry, Xiangyejian Tea Industry, Micangshan Tea Industry, Hanyuan Tea Industry, Sanxi Xiangming Tea Industry and Qingxi Tea Industry, etc. Thus, Sichuan Tea Group Alliance is geared towards the development of entire tea industry chain covering tea tree breeding, modern tea garden planting demonstration, preliminary & refined and deep tea processing, brand and marketing, technical R&D, tea culture and tea tourism. Adhering to the core idea of “resource-sharing, advantageous complementation and joint development for win-win growth”, the Group Alliance adopts a development strategy of “speed up scientific development with multiple support in multiple areas”, and gives full play to the advantages of Sichuan tea industry in natural resources, scale, technologies and policies, striving to promote the innovation of operating mechanism, management system, and brand& marketing system of entire Sichuan tea industry chain, boost the tea industry’s transformation and upgrading, optimize the tea brands, expand its tea market and shape tea leaders for stronger Sichuan tea industry.

 Sichuan Tea Group Alliance will, relying on the single “National Enterprise Technology Center” in China’s tea industry and the only “Sichuan Province Tea Industry Engineering Technology Research Center” in Sichuan tea industry, make full use of “Sichuan Tea Industry Technology Research Institute” and “Sichuan Tea Industry Business School”, study and implement seriously the Opinions on Speeding up Sichuan Tea Industry’s Transformation and Upgrading to Construct a Strong Province with Leading Tea Industry issued by the People’s Government of Sichuan Province as well as the tea industry development targets set by municipal party committees and governments; it has established “Sichuan Tea Brand Alliance” and “Sichuan Tea Marketing Alliance”, wherein the alliance enterprises can share resources for joint management, and professional brand& marketing organizations are introduced to set up professional brand operation& marketing teams, helping to improve Sichuan tea’s brand influence and marketing competitiveness; it has made attempts to complete the tea quality standard, testing and supervision system, strengthen the construction of tea quality& safety control traceability system and regime, promote the interactive development of primary, secondary and tertiary tea sectors, thus building up flagship tea enterprises in Sichuan with billions of annual output value, and driving the leapfrog from a big province to a strong province with leading tea industry.

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